Coronavirus ValdeMarne will give a cloth mask to each inhabitant

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The county council has just ordered 1.5 million fabric masks, washable and reusable. They will be sent progressively from the finish of April. Many municipalities have also taken initiatives in this spot.

A tiny but frighteningly beneficial gift. “Today, April 10, I created the decision, in obligation, to order 1,500,000 masks for each Val-de-Marnaise and Val-de-Marnais. Christian Favier (Laptop), the president of the Val-de-Marne office, determined to foresee the submit-confinement owing to the coronavirus.

Fabric masks, washable and reusable

Although scientific tips converges in the direction of the recommendation of putting on a mask for each individual after the confinement is comprehensive, the department has requested “alternative” masks, manufactured of cloth, washable and reusable.

They will be manufactured in France and shipped every 7 days from April 27 at the price of a hundred and fifty,000 weekly copies. The town halls will be capable to take part in the distribution of these valuable masks to their inhabitants later on if they wish.

Hundreds of countless numbers of masks for the most exposed
If with this operation, the departmental council now turns to the common community, it had previously directed its assist to individuals on the entrance line of the epidemic at the start, distributing 220,000 masks to "help companies and assistance to houses, impartial living residences for the aged, properties for the disabled, social grocery retailers, municipal wellness facilities, charitable associations, municipal social action centers, maternal facilities, and so on. "

This was the scenario previous Tuesday where the division gave 88,000 masks in a handful of several hours to Créteil to handpicked individuals for their likely exposure to fragile individuals and the virus.

At the finish of April, he will obtain and will also give the 450,000 masks he had ordered at the finish of March for "employees in contact with the elderly, the disabled and departmental agents". prepare to offer you a mask to every inhabitant
They also decided to consider the direct. Many municipalities and an inter-municipality will have tens of hundreds of material masks manufactured, washable and reusable, to provide to their citizens.

In Alfortville, the town corridor of Luc Carvounas (PS) purchased forty rolls of material and rubber bands from a wholesaler in the industrial region and is appealing to associations and people to carry out massive-scale production of masks. At 1st, these portions will make it attainable to make 12,000 to fifteen,000 masks.

In Cachan, the Chantelle woman lingerie company has just gained an get from the city for 32,000 fabric masks. The model has been set up there for more than thirty several years. "These masks will be dispersed to the population at the time of the deconfinement period of time," said Cachan. A mask will be presented to each and every inhabitant. The city specifies that the Chantelle organization "has reoriented its producing line, given that the distribute of the Covid-19, to make masks out of materials assembly Afnor production standards". For the duration of creation, they will be delivered "in the coming weeks".